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Host a Group

Each Rock Solid session will incorporate a scripture, a few fun activities, a bit of banter and opportunities for discussion – aimed at helping young people aged 10-13 grow in confidence in their faith.

Witness will be called to bear testimony or their approach to; prayer, fasting, giving and overcoming anxiety. During the discussion time, this is a good opportunity to hear from each young people.
  • Episode intro
  • Challenge
  • Filler #1
  • Scripture
  • Filler #2
  • Testimony
  • Filler #3
  • Message
  • Close and prayer
St.Matthew’s Gospel
Chapter 6:5-34
This series will help young people to develop a closer personal relationship with God and model a formation that’ll build a resilient faith.
Episode 1: Prayer
Episode 2: Fasting
Episode 3: Giving
Episode 4: Overcoming Anxiety

Getting Started

1. Talk to us
We’d love to answer any questions you might have and help you get started, so let us know if you need assistance. Email: resources@yfc.ie
2. Explore the resource
Take some time to review the resources provided for each episode. We’ve also included some additional games and activities. 
3. Establish a group
Whether you’re meeting in-person or online, re-launching your youth group or starting from scratch – we’ve some ideas to help you establish your group. 
4. Feedback
As you use the resources, we’d love to hear from you so we can continue to develop and improve. 
Email: resources@yfc.ie

Free Resources

We’ve prepared resources for each of the episodes, so click below to view each episode and the corresponding resources.

Free Coaching

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