Episode 3


Theme: Giving 
Click on the clip below to watch our 3rd episode from season 2 at RockSolid.tv, you’ll find all the resources below. 


Episode 3 – Giving


Video Outline

  • Episode Intro
  • Episode Focus: Giving. What is generosity?
  • Evidence (Scripture passage)
  • Rock Solid News
  • Gadget Ger: Rings of Connection
  • Colin Cooks
  • Crafting with Claire
  • Prayer with Liam

Evidence: Matthew 6: 1-4

What does Jesus say about giving? Matthew 6

Witness Testimony

In this episode, Joao shares about his approach to giving and describes a time when he visited a friend in prison.

Prayer With Liam

Think about asking God to highlight the people in your life that he may want you to to give to, whether that be an encouragement, a gift or your time.  

Crafting with Claire (Give up and fill up cups)

Pause Video (at min 8:46): If you want, you and the young people can use this time to decorate the jar. You can either prepare the heart-shaped paper ahead of time, or have the young people cut hearts out of coloured paper themselves.

Brainstorm as a group some ideas for acts of kindness. You can come up with as many or as few as you would like during this time. Alternatively you can have them use the ideas from the handout included in the resource section for this episode – click here

Have the young people write their ideas of random acts of kindness onto the slips of paper and then glue the slips to the hearts. Alternatively they can write the ideas on the backs of the hearts.


Lesson Plan

We’ve created a lesson plan as a guide to how you might host your young people and make the most of the content provided – click the button below to download. 

If you’ve gotta question

– just Dask!

The app that helps young people find answers to life’s biggest questions. 


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Extra Resources

More Questions

We’ve provided more questions for you and your group to explore. 

More Resources

If you find you’ve more time to spare, try these additional activities with your young people!

Zoom Games

We’ve a huge selection of games that you can play over Zoom (or other platforms) with your young people created by our friends at CIY  – give some of these a whirl. Do let us know how you get on!

We’d love to hear from you, so let us know how you got on. 

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