Rock Solid? 

Rock Solid is a curriculum for 10-13 year olds, delivered by Youth for Christ Ireland,  aiming predominantly at 5th-6th class students, that can be delivered in a classroom, youth club or parish setting. The programme is modular and each session can be customised to suit the requirements of the students and volunteers.

Ongoing Faith formation in the lives of 10-13 year olds.

In year one we focus mainly on faith development, looking at themes like; identity, community, prayer, the bible and getting to know Jesus. In the years that proceed the content is more issue led, focusing on continuous faith development and addressing common themes that young
people experience in their lives. After exploring each theme we discuss the question, what does it reveal about Jesus do and how can I apply it? We have additional modules for Confirmation to help with the preparation process and for big events e.g. moving to secondary school etc. Everything we provide is fun and interactive, appealing to all senses and abilities.
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In the first year our Rock Solid Coordinator and team will facilitate the programme alongside you on a fortnightly or monthly basis. In year two they’ll advise and support staff or volunteers in the delivery of the programme, all of which is online for staff and volunteers to access. We’ll also provide training in how to use the resource and intentionally look for students moving into
secondary school who are keen to become student helpers when run in a parish or youth club.

Each school term new content is provided based on trends, events and responding to the changes in youth culture. YFC Ireland’s main aim through Rock Solid is to help disciple young people on their faith journey, build community and point them to Jesus.


Rock Solid for Parishes and Churches

Year 1

We model and facilitate the Rock Solid Club for parishes and churches, providing our foundational curriculum.

Year 2

We collaborate with lay people and clergy, sharing the program delivery and providing some
on-the-job training.  

Year 3+

We move into the background and celebrate what the parish is doing, providing ongoing resources and training.

We’ve made a sample Rock Solid session
available for you – click to download. 


We look forward to hearing from you. 

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