‘Super-Woman is like a second home to me, I feel safe here because it is just for girls. I can talk about things here that I don’t talk about anywhere else, like family, money, what to do when I don’t feel well.
I made friends for life here!’ Cynthia (16)

Empowering young women!

This is a true story of a teenage girl’s experience, for years now, an active member of one of the Youth for Christ’s girls groups. Many girls we spend time with are unhappy about their appearance, have emotional problems and have difficulty establishing and keeping healthy relationships. For this reason we have developed a programme that will help work with the girls and invest in them, Super-Woman.
Youth for Christ believes in empowering young women. The Super-Woman program is used worldwide!

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Empowering female youth workers

The Super-woman program has been developed to elevate and empower young women in a professional youth work role too. You are a powerful role-model! You are a great example, a mirror and a support to a potential group of girls. You can help guide them, help them discover their true potential and implement their power as a woman.

In addition to the programs, we have developed a basic training session for you to get started and be well prepared.
This material has been developed within a western culture and might not be suitable in all cultures. This training will also help you to discern what fits into your context.

Resource Contents

1. Methodology: You will receive practical tools, from a theoretical framework
2. Manual: in short, all the ins and outs of the program are explained
3. Basic training session and clips: You move through the booklet, preferably with other girl other female youth workers. It
consists of clips, assignments and questions. This way, you and your team will be well prepared to start working with a group of young women.
4. 34 programs divided in Year 1 and Year 2:
These programs will help your girls to set boundaries, take care of themselves and implement their talents into society.

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If you'd like to know more, please get in touch.

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