Welcome! Rock Solid TV is a resource to be utilised by families and church leaders to engage young people with their faith during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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We’ve initially developed a 4 part series of 15 minute episodes designed to engage Rock Solid aged young people (10-13) through online platforms and also to be used as a resource by their youth workers.


Each session will incorporate a scripture, a few activities/mini lessons and a story.

We have also provided some questions for the young people to discuss either in their homes with their family or with their youth group via WhatsApp, Zoom or a conferencing platform. Each episode overview will provide a breakdown of the activities, the questions to accompany the show, and some additional resources with which to engage your young people.


Series 1 Overview

  • Episode 1: Isolation
  • Episode 2: Anxiety and fear
  • Episode 3: Healing
  • Episode 4: A New Hope (think Star Wars)

Series Theme

The series dominant features will be:
Social distancing – Addressing current social isolation issues; much of the team are at home so they’re going to have to film from their phones – therefore relating to young peoples’ current context. 

Television – Plenty of TV will be watched during this time and a lot of internet so we’re going to use that as our mean of delivery –  Rock Solid TV!


This part is key, try to summarise the story in your own words, reference where you’re getting your info from i.e. the book of John, and then summarise in about 2 minutes. Liam will relate it back to the topic at hand in the message part.

Episode Structure

  • Episode intro
  • Challenge
  • Filler #1
  • Scripture
  • Filler #2
  • Testimony
  • Filler #3
  • Message
  • Close and prayer

Ad breaks

Each ‘filler’ will be a TV’esque moment that resembles an ad/commercial break type moment. They will all be about one minute in length and a different team member will be assigned to each one on each episode.


This is always a key part but still you should aim to keep it to about two to three minutes in total. Make sure to share how God intervened in the situation.