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We’re committed to empowering parishes and churches across Ireland to continue ongoing faith formation with their young people. We’d love to hear from you, so do please get in touch.

NOW LIVE – Resources

We would love to keep you up-to-speed when new episodes are available, and also to give you access to our additional episodes and resources.

Young people with Questions

We’re launching an app for young people with questions, called DASK (Dare to ASK), where local youth workers provide answers on life and Christian faith.

We’re now broadcasting our Rock Solid content directly to your homes, including resources for young people to engage with.  

Encouraging and empowering young women through our Superwoman sessions.
Coming Soon.

For young people with questions, we’ve a great app called DASK, where local youth workers provide answers on life and Christian faith. 

What is Rock Solid?

YFC Ireland host several Rock Solid clubs across the Midlands of Ireland on a regular basis.

To find out more, click here.

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News & Events

We’re currently developing a Rock Solid training programme to train, equip and empower clergy and lay people in building a community of young people who are continuing to grow in their faith. Don’t forget to signup to the mailing list for me details – dates will be released soon. 

Claire Russell, Resources Coordinator 

With the launch of DASK, we’re hoping to create a wider group of youth workers willing to Vlog answers to young peoples’ top questions. If you’d be interested in getting involved and sharing your wisdom with young people get in touch, by filling out the contact us form below. 

Isaac Burke, Media Coordinator

If you’re working with a group of young women and would love a resource to pilot, then please get in touch. We’ve an amazing resource developed by YFC Netherlands and it was recently translated in to English. Get in touch. 

Claire Russell, Resources Coordinator 

What others are saying…

“Youth for Christ have a real heart for young people which was clear in the way they approached and delivered a comprehensive and engaging Confirmation preparation programme. They were so keen to adapt their resources to the particular needs of young people in my parish in a way which was both faith-based and fun filled. I find them to be gifted communicators and their material to be full of substance”.
Fr. John Nally

Parish Priest

“Youth for Christ have really invested in our work withyoung people in our parish, they bring passion, faith, creativity and enthusiasm to each Rock Solid session…”
Jenny Leonard

Pastoral Worker

“The team have such a positive energy and so much care and concern for our pupils. Our partnership with them has been an enormous blessing to our school and such an encouragement to me in my chaplaincy ministry”.
Emma Rothwell


“I have worked alongside the Youth for Christ team over the last 3 years and in different situations. I am impressed with the way in which they engage so easily with teenagers in a gentle and respectful way. They have no agenda and young people do not find them intimidating. The Youth for Christ team that I have worked alongside simply witness to Jesus and its this gentle and authentic witness that is attracting young people to begin a conversation with them.”
Fr. Patrick Donnelly

Parish Priest

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